How it works

  1. Mentors and Alumni register interest (create account).
  2. Selection process and pairing.
  3. Alumni work with the Mentors to develop draft articles for submission to an international journal, or a comparable output in policy or commercial sectors.
  4. Professional development is available through a series of workshops in Indonesia for Indonesian Mentors and Alumni.
  5. Support is provided via the online platform.
  6. An International Conference will be held in Jakarta at the end of the Program to showcase the quality research undertaken.

Note: Participation by Mentors and Alumni is voluntary.

Program Structure

April-June 2017: Mentors and Alumni will be selected and paired

May 2017: Two-day Mentoring Workshop for Indonesian Mentors delivered in Jakarta and Makassar

July 2017: Three-day Inception Workshop in Makassar and Jakarta. The workshops focus on goal setting, expectations of the Mentor and Alumni relationships and initial draft/planned research papers for the International Conference.

October 2017: Three-day Advanced Workshop in Makassar and Jakarta. Participants focus on identifying different forms and styles of research communication, writing skills for academic publications, policy papers and public media, and refining their conference papers and presentation skills.

January 2018: An International Conference to be held in Jakarta to showcase the best research undertaken by Alumni in the program.