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In today’s time-poor world, it can be difficult to get the expert help you need to succeed in your chosen career path. That is why the Griffith Business School has developed eCareerCoach.

eCareerCoach is an online coaching platform that connects students to alumni and industry experts; helping students to learn about ideal career paths, develop and enhance professional and communication skills and make more informed career decisions.

What is eCareerCoach?

eCareerCoach is an online program that connects current Business students with alumni and industry experts to receive valuable industry advice through short interactions.

Due to it being solely online it allows alumni and industry partners from all over the world to participate.

eCareerCoach can help students with:

  • Developing and enhancing your professional and communication skills
  • Exploring new career ideas or areas of interest
  • Gaining an understanding of the current work environment and what a typical day may look like
  • Enables you to make informed career decisions
  • Understand how the coaches got to where they are today


Admin Updates

Admin Updates

New Video Chat Feature (Trial Phase)

    Matched Coaches and Students now have the option to video chat.
      To schedule a video chat go to Connections > Scheduler > Propose Appointment(s) > Select the "Video Chat" checkbox

      • Before joining the video chat you will see a camera preview before joining
      • If you wish to chat via audio only you can choose to disable the camera

      Digital Badges now available for eCareerCoaches

      Digital Badges now available for eCareerCoaches

      The digital badge will be awarded to industry/alumni who have joined our eCareerCoach program and become coaches to our students. The badge will be used to publicly show their involvement in the program, and their commitment to helping prepare the next generation of business leaders. 


      Skills for coaches to learn through participation in the program include communication skills (intergenerational and intercultural), leadership, mentorship, reflective practice and questioning skills, active listening, and finally social responsibility.  


      The badge will prove that the earner has been an active coach for the specified number of years (1,3, 5 or 10) and that this person has assisted students with their career-related questions by providing guidance, support, and advice. 

      Badges available

      eCareerCoach Coach Years of Service Award (1 Year) 
      eCareerCoach Coach Years of Service Award (3 Years) 
      eCareerCoach Coach Years of Service Award (5 Years) 
      eCareerCoach Coach Years of Service Award –(10 Years)


      Be an active coach within our eCareerCoach program. 

      Coaches will need to have provided assistance and advice to at least 1 Griffith Business School student per trimester (at least 3 interactions) for that trimester to be included towards their badging eligibility.

      Trimester 3 will be included in the Tri 1 and Tri 2 totals (I.e., reports from Jan – June and July – Dec).  

      Platform Updates

      Platform Updates

      Update 3.0+

      • Replaced old inaccessible date time pickers with new accessible ones.
      • Redesigned the scheduler to display appointment times in tables for a cleaner, unified look.
      • The profile display engine is more intelligent and does its best to present things more cleanly and compactly.
      • Updated the video chat interface. Video chat now displays the users' camera preview before joining the chat.
      • Video chats are now automatically logged, giving admins more interaction information. Better reporting coming in a future release.
      • Search results now show exactly which part of an answer matched their search criteria, instead of highlighting the entire answer for a field.
      • Numerous other bug fixes and UI improvements.

      How do I join?

      • Click ‘create account’ in the top right corner or via the button below
      • Scroll to the bottom of the 'Industry Programs' list
      • Choose either 'student' or 'coach' in the eCareerCoach program
      • Complete your profile
      Create Account

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      User Stories

      Paige Reilbel

      Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Environmental Science

      "eCareerCoach helped solidify my decision for my major. I was able to understand the different careers options through the network of professionals in this program. The coaches have an abundance of experience to share and willing to give an inside glance to students."

      Connected with Andrew Caesar, Product Marketing Lead with Orica

      Felicity Bradford

      Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Commerce

      "eCareerCoach helped provide clarity around what major I wanted to study and where studying different things could take me professionally. I was connected with professionals that were able to provide an insight into a day in their life and give me great tips on increasing my employability."

      Connected with Stephanie Parsons, Economist with Reserve Bank Australia and Shannon Patrick, Economist with KPMG

      Zisu Jiang

      Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

      "Get involved with eCareerCoach and BusinessPLUS. These programs provide a lot of help. Griffith University provides us with a number of resources, which we can access ourselves."

      Zisu is an International Student enrolled in the program for 2021

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