FAQs - Page in development


What is eCareerCoach?

eCareerCoach is an online program that connects current Business students with alumni and industry experts to receive valuable industry advice through short interactions.

Due to it being solely online it allows alumni and industry partners from all over the world to participate.

How do I join?

  • Click ‘create account’ in the top right corner
  • Scroll to the bottom of the 'Industry Programs' list
  • Choose either 'student' or 'coach' in the eCareerCoach program
  • Complete your profile

What if I encounter a problem, or have feedback about the program?

Please email us at ecoach@griffith.edu.au.

What if I need technical help with the platform?

Please email us at ecoach@griffith.edu.au.


What are the benefits of eCareerCoach for students?

  • Developing and enhancing your professional and communication skills
  • Exploring new career ideas or areas of interest
  • Gaining an understanding of the current work environment and what a typical day may look like
  • Enables you to make informed career decisions
  • Understand how the coaches got to where they are today

Who are the coaches?

The coaches are Griffith University alumni and Industry professionals who are currently working in Australia or overseas

How does it work?

Once you have completed your profile and your training you will be able to search for a coach. You can request a coach who you would like to connect with, they will then either accept or decline the invitation.

The system is designed so that you are able to conduct your ‘meeting’ online. However your coach may choose to meeting via skype, a phone call or in person.

After you have met your coach you must ‘release’ or end the relationship – make sure you remember to thank your coach for their advice and insight.

What do I have to complete before I can access it?

  1. Registration form
  2. Training video/document
  3. Short multiple choice quiz on the Training information

How will I know if my chosen coach accepts my request?

You will receive an email and your coach will be visible in your eCareerCoach profile.

I am not currently based in Australia, can I still participate in eCareerCoach?

Yes, of course!

eCareerCoach is an online program and therefore geographic location will not stop you from being able to participate.
Make sure to specify your time zone within your profile and ensure that your coach is aware of the time difference when sending a request.

What types of things should I ask my coach?

You will get the most out of the program if you ask questions that relate to your coach's career and journey. You can ask about their career path, the daily realities of your job and what working life 'is really like'. Think about what you want to know and design your questions around that.

You can also view the discussion topics resource.

How many coaches can I connect with?

You can connect with a maximum of two (2) coaches at once.

We suggest connecting with a maximum of three (3) coaches through eCareerCoach. After which we recommend you consider applying for the Industry Mentoring Program.

How do I 'release' (or conclude) a coaching relationship?

Go to your profile. Click your coach's profile. Click 'more' and then 'move to past connections.'
Please ensure that you have sent your coach a thank you email before you 'release' the relationship. For examples visit the resources tab.


What are the benefits of eCareerCoach for alumni and industry?

eCareerCoach gives you the chance to increase your coaching skills and experience while connecting with the current generation of students.
You can also enhance your professional profile and the profile of your organisation while knowing that you are making a positive difference to our students.
An additional benefit is the access to 'coach to coach' networking which is now available within the program!

How does the platform work?

Students log in to eCareerCoach and search through the Coach profiles. Students are able to refine their search fields based on industry, degree etc. The search results will list the most relevant coach to the student first, however they may choose to connect with someone who is in an industry they are interested in moving into. The best way to ensure you are found is to update your career field criteria, including both broad and specific information i.e. Economics (broad) and Economic Development (specific).

You will receive an email when a student requests you as a coach; which you can choose accept or decline. If you accept the student's request you will receive an email from the student with the areas they would like to discuss with you. You can reply directly from your own email account, or sign in and respond within their profile.

Though the system is designed to be purely online, you are welcome to suggest connecting via Skype, phone or in person if you prefer.

Do I need to prepare for our coaching interactions?

No, you shouldn't need to. As interactions take place online, via email, you will be able to take the time you need to respond. Students will ask questions and discuss areas that are associated with your experience and career so far. These questions may include what the daily realities of you job are, suggestions for professional bodies to join or events to attend etc.

Many of the students will be using eCareerCoach as an opportunity to hear and learn from professionals with real career experience. Essentially it is about telling them what you wish you had known when you were at university, and giving them tips and advice to help them get to where they want to be.

I am not currently based in Australia, can I still participate in eCareerCoach?

Yes, of course!

eCareerCoach is an online program and therefore geographic location will not stop you from being able to participate. Additionally, many students are interested in pursuing careers in other countries and your insights would be invaluable. You are even able to specify your time zone within your profile to ensure the student is aware of the time difference when sending a request.