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Join our community of mentors!

Our award-winning Griffith Industry Mentoring program is seeking mentors from all disciplines for our 2021 program. Mentoring is a great way to expand your professional network and connect with the Griffith community while supporting a future professional in your field. Create an account and join us today!

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Be a Mentee in 2022 - Expressions of Interest for the Industry Mentoring Program T1 2022 will open 15 September!

Network and develop your career by working with a great mentor in 2022 - applications open soon!

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Admin Updates

Admin Updates

New Video Chat Feature (Trial Phase)

    Matched Coaches and Students now have the option to video chat.
      To schedule a video chat go to Connections > Scheduler > Propose Appointment(s) > Select the "Video Chat" checkbox

      • Before joining the video chat you will see a camera preview before joining
      • If you wish to chat via audio only you can choose to disable the camera

      Digital Badges now available for eCareerCoaches

      Digital Badges now available for eCareerCoaches

      The digital badge will be awarded to industry/alumni who have joined our eCareerCoach program and become coaches to our students. The badge will be used to publicly show their involvement in the program, and their commitment to helping prepare the next generation of business leaders. 


      Skills for coaches to learn through participation in the program include communication skills (intergenerational and intercultural), leadership, mentorship, reflective practice and questioning skills, active listening, and finally social responsibility.  


      The badge will prove that the earner has been an active coach for the specified number of years (1,3, 5 or 10) and that this person has assisted students with their career-related questions by providing guidance, support, and advice. 

      Badges available

      eCareerCoach Coach Years of Service Award (1 Year) 
      eCareerCoach Coach Years of Service Award (3 Years) 
      eCareerCoach Coach Years of Service Award (5 Years) 
      eCareerCoach Coach Years of Service Award –(10 Years)


      Be an active coach within our eCareerCoach program. 

      Coaches will need to have provided assistance and advice to at least 1 Griffith Business School student per trimester (at least 3 interactions) for that trimester to be included towards their badging eligibility.

      Trimester 3 will be included in the Tri 1 and Tri 2 totals (I.e., reports from Jan – June and July – Dec).  

      Platform Updates

      Platform Updates

      Update 3.0+

      • Replaced old inaccessible date time pickers with new accessible ones.
      • Redesigned the scheduler to display appointment times in tables for a cleaner, unified look.
      • The profile display engine is more intelligent and does its best to present things more cleanly and compactly.
      • Updated the video chat interface. Video chat now displays the users' camera preview before joining the chat.
      • Video chats are now automatically logged, giving admins more interaction information. Better reporting coming in a future release.
      • Search results now show exactly which part of an answer matched their search criteria, instead of highlighting the entire answer for a field.
      • Numerous other bug fixes and UI improvements.

      Are you ready to become a change agent?

      Check out our first live webinar on 'Behavioural Marketing' by clicking on the resources tab. Once you've found the tab, visit the 'webinar portal'. To start watching, you'll need the password which is 'GriffithAlumni".

      After the webinar, visit the Alumni Community section of the mentoring program to share your thoughts and learnings with the other participants.

      User Stories

      Insight and connections

      The most important thing I gained from my involvement in the industry mentoring program is a supportive, knowledgeable mentor who I will continue to keep in touch with over the coming years. My mentor gave me an amazing insight into the organisation and went above and beyond to help me network further with other members of the organisation. The connections and networks I have made are invaluable.

      The most valuable part of this program for me was the casual yet valuable conversations that I had with my mentor and the insights I gained into prospective careers.

      I gained guidance and clarity regarding my career path in Marketing. I was also given the opportunity to attend networking events and gained two paid positions (one with Gold Coast Suns and one with 102.9 Hot Tomato) which may also result in a graduate position. My mentor went above and beyond the obligations of the program and provided me with amazing support and opportunity – I can’t thank her enough.

      Insight and connections

      Developed new skills and made the most of every opportunity!

      I gained confidence in my own ability and the chance to brainstorm and bounce ideas around with my mentor. I have developed a lot of my communication and networking skills, including development of a blog, attendance at numerous industry events and personal development courses and materials. I have gained a lot from this experience - but it is truly what you at the student choose to make of it!

      Developed new skills and made the most of every opportunity!

      Invaluable opportunity!

      The understanding that everyone is in the same position , no matter how scared you feel there are others feeling the same way. It was about understanding what is that I want and how it is that I will go about to get it. This program really helped me understand my self-worth and that the hard work in my uni life can be connected to my industry and the job that I want.

      The opportunity to discuss my career aspirations/goals with someone who was solely focused one me and who was also highly experienced in his field, was invaluable.

      Invaluable opportunity!

      Mentor perspective: Access to recruit great talent

      The value I have derived from the Program this year is being able to assist and guide my mentee as best I can, not just with his career but other real life issues that could affect his career choices. The program allows me to keep abreast with the challenges faced by graduates as they struggle to get into the work force and provides an avenue for me to recruit great talent and fill in vacancies that may come up in my own ventures.

      Mentor perspective: Access to recruit great talent

      Learning flows in both directions

      Every year I participate as a mentor I learn more about the value of being a mentor and having a mentor, about my own strengths and weaknesses (professionally and personally), about what I enjoy most and least about my job - all valuable reflective exercises triggered by the program.

      Learning flows in both directions