Mentor Expectations

Mentors benefit from the Mentoring @ QAL Program in the following ways;
- Share experience, skills and knowledge
- Develop your networks, leadership and mentoring skills
- Share new perspectives with other colleagues
- Provides an opportunity to contribute and a sense of satisfaction
- Reflect upon and articulate knowledge
- Gain a different perspective from another colleague
- Explore your choices as a Leader plus lessons learned along the way
- Increase generational awareness and diversity of thought.

What is expected of me as a Mentor
- To spend roughly one hour per month engaging with your mentee (Some mentoring partners may wish to dedicate more time to the relationship or structure the timing differently - this is negotiated between mentor and mentee)
- To be responsive within a reasonable time period when your mentee contacts you
- To assist your mentee with setting goals, and actively work with them toward accomplishing these
- To share insights gained from your professional and life experience to assist your mentee to make informed choices and develop their career

What is not Expected of me as a Mentor?
- To offer jobs or internships to your mentee
- To have all the answers for your mentee
- To initiate all contact with your mentee

What is expected of the Mentee?
- Dedicate an appropriate amount of time to building the mentoring relationship
- Make the first contact with the selected mentor and respond to all communication
- Set specific goals for the relationship with the mentor
- Agree and commit to expectations and goals set with the mentor
- Be appropriate in your requests
- Approach the mentoring relationship with an open mind, professionalism and respect
- Be receptive to suggestions and feedback

What if there’s a problem?
No matter what category you’re in, please communicate problems with the mentoring relationship to the People and Culture Team who would be delighted to support and assist you.