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Nicole Graham

Senior Career Development Consultant and Industry Mentoring Lead
Careers and Employment Service

Nicole's professional experience encompasses management, community engagement and career development roles in the higher education industry as well as operating a private career development practice.. For over twenty years, she has leveraged her extensive network and exceptional communication skills to deliver a range of transformative employability initiatives.

At Griffith University, Nicole is known for facilitating high-quality mentoring experiences for students and graduates. She has consulted extensively on the topic of mentoring, assisting would-be facilitators from education, industry and government, and has been the Lead Investigator on a strategic-level Griffith University Learning and Teaching Grant. She has been delighted to have the opportunity to share her passion for career development and mentoring through presentations at a variety of national and international conferences and symposia.

In addition to her work in the mentoring space, Nicole is a qualified career development practitioner who places wellness and career fulfillment at the centre of her practice, leveraging further education in mindfulness and yoga therapy and integrating them into her work with clients. She enjoys collaborating with industry, communities and individuals to support organisational and career wellbeing via her career consultancy, Seva Transformative Coaching, which operates from Brisbane.

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Breeda Crowley

Industry Mentoring Program Support Officer

Breeda joined team IMP in 2018 and works full time on the Industry Mentoring Program so is often the first point of contact when it comes to enquiries and the registration process. She has a background in marketing and communications where her experience spans large corporations through to small start-ups as well as the public and private sectors. Known as a spontaneous and gifted storyteller who loves to chat, she can apply lessons learnt from her own experience to many situations. She offers an empathetic approach to problem solving and is passionate about the power of mentoring and how it can support students throughout their career journeys.