For Mentors

The Mentoring Process

The process that mentors and mentees participate in has been broken down into these five steps. Select each bubble to see a detailed explanation of what is involved.

Mentoring Sessions

The mentoring sessions officially run for 3.5 months (March - June, July - October. At the end of each session, we formally release you from the relationship so that you are able to work with another mentee(s), and your mentee can work with another mentor. IMP’s goal, however, is to develop on-going relationships, so we encourage you to continue your relationship on an informal basis.

You are in Control!

By logging into the IMP website, you can change and set a number of things, including:

  • Choose the maximum number of mentees you want during any given session
  • Update your profile and mentee preferences at any time
  • Take yourself in or out of the searchable mentor pool at any time

Flexible communication

At IMP, we believe that mentoring doesn’t have to be face-to-face in order to be effective. You can communicate with your mentee via Skype, email, phone - whatever works best for you both.