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Introductory email template - Undergraduate

Now that your mentor has accepted your request, it's time to get the ball rolling. This template is helpful if you're not sure how to initiate contact with your new mentor.

Introductory email template - Postgraduate

Need some inspiration for wording that all-important mentor request? If you are a postgraduate student, here's your guide.

Mentoring Tips - for Mentees

This resource offers suggestions for enhancing your learning and making the most of your mentoring partnership.

First Mentoring Conversation: Guide for Students

Your first mentoring conversation will set the stage for your collaboration with your mentor. It's normal to feel a little nervous - here are a few tips to help you navigate this important milestone.

Mentoring Agreement - Suggested Talking Points

Use this form as a companion to the Mentoring Agreement. It will enable you to guide a discussion with your mentor to clarify the goals and parameters of your mentoring partnership.

Mentoring Agreement (Word Version)

Some students will find this version of the Industry Mentoring Agreement more readily customiseable, as it is in Microsoft Word.

IMP Mentoring Agreement - PDF Version

Use this form to guide a discussion with your mentor to clarify the parameters of your mentoring relationship.

Building the Mentoring Relationship - for Mentors

Tips for building a rewarding and productive relationship with your mentee.

Goal Setting Guide

Did you know that you are 40% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, and 70% more likely to achieve them if you share them with someone who will keep you accountable - like a mentor?

This is why setting goals is such an important aspect of successful mentoring partnerships. If you're not sure how to get started, this document will guide matched mentor/mentee pairs in a discussion to set goals around their mentoring relationship.

Suggested Mentoring Activities

This resource outlines ideas for activities mentors and mentees can undertake together during their partnership.

Tips for Business Cards

Need some inspiration for your business card? Here are some helpful hints and ideas to consider.

IMP Speed Networking Tips

This document will assist students speed-networking at the IMP functions for the first time

Mentor Role Description

What does an IMP Mentor do, exactly? This document provides a helpful overview.

Top Tips for a Great Mentor Profile

Stand out to students by creating a great mentor profile. You'll find all the tips you need in this resource.

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