Mentor Expectations

Our mentors say that one of the best aspects of volunteering with IMP is that it is flexible – you and the mentee can determine how the relationship will work, based on your mutual goals.

What is expected of me as a Mentor?

  • To spend roughly one hour per fortnight engaging with your mentee (This equates to roughly six hours over the mentoring session. Some mentoring partners may wish to dedicate more time to the relationship or structure the timing differently - this is negotiated between mentor and mentee)
  • To be responsive within a reasonable time period when your mentee contacts you
  • To assist your mentee with setting goals, and actively work with them toward accomplishing these
  • To share insights gained from your professional and life experience to assist your mentee to make informed choices and develop their career
  • Mentors are expected to act in accordance with the University's Student Sexual Assault, Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policy, which can be viewed in full on the Program Resources page. For more information and resources, please visit Griffith University's Respectful Campus Communities website.

What is not Expected of me as a Mentor?

  • To offer jobs or internships to your mentee
  • To have all the answers for your mentee
  • To initiate all contact with your mentee

What is expected of the Mentee?

Before a student can search for a mentor, he/she must attend a mandatory orientation in which he/she is guided to think about what he/she wants out of a mentoring relationship. The students are informed of our expectations, which include:

  • Dedicate an appropriate amount of time to building the mentoring relationship
  • Make the first contact with the selected mentor and respond to all communication
  • Set specific goals for the relationship with the mentor
  • Agree and commit to expectations and goals set with the mentor
  • Be appropriate in your requests, in particular do NOT ask for a job or sponsorship
  • Approach the mentoring relationship with an open mind, professionalism and respect
  • Be receptive to suggestions and feedback

What if there’s a problem?

No matter what category you’re in, please communicate problems with the mentoring relationship to IMP program staff and we will assist you.